Build your own balsa & foam plate glider


Build your own foam & balsa chuck glider by following our build video, using out printable instructions & templates (Kemmplates). These foam gliders have been regularly built with primary as well as secondary school students Repairing the materials Per glider: Cut 4 x 100mm square foam tiles (we use 3mm think foam but it doesn’t matter if you use thicker sheet) Cut 1 x 300mm length 1/8 x 3/8 (or similar) of balsa strip Printable instructions Side 1 Side 2 Templates Mr Kemm’s Wing Kemmplates Fuselage Kemmplates Build video Where we got our materials from: Links to websites in the UK Continue reading

Foam board experiments


We’ve decided to step it up a notch and build radio controlled aeroplanes. Flight Test have some good looking plans, we think we’ll go with a FT Versa Only trouble is we have a lot of 3mm Depron and their foamboard is 4.5mm.  I’ve experimented with doubling the depron sheet and gluing paper and card to both sides using No Nonsense spray adhesive. Here are the results: five things you didn’t know about jesusThe “Michael Bays” love to play up any kind of severe storm like it’s straight from the Book of Revelation. They’ve been waiting all year for this, and immediately become the weather version of the sensationalist reporter, … Continue reading

Flight Club in Ovacik in Turkey


I took some tools & materials on holiday with me this year. I met this chap called Mehmet (sat on my Luggie Scooter drinking Turkish Tea) who very quickly became my good friend. Building the parts Gluing it together I showed him how to build a Fantastic Foam Flyer and he was hooked! Later I made this plane modelled on a Red Arrow (Hawk) Here we are testing Mehmet’s plane I left the rest of the materials and tools with Mehmet, he sent me this photo of a plane his son made. minnesota uses ipad gambling to help fund new nfl stadiumRather than wishful thinking and saying, want (this or … Continue reading

Building home made foam propeller

image3 (1)

I saw these pics of Firman Wong Apik’s homemade propeller on the Simple Foam Aeroplanes Facebook group, I fancy a go at making one! The only area of Athenian society that was more open for women than men was in Athens’ legendary brothels. Prostitution was neither illegal, or frowned upon in Athenian society. Both men and women could be whores, although men had to quit when they became adults. Tight Ends are usually positioned on any one side of the offensive line, adjacent to that side’s offensive tackle. The tight end’s role is that of a blocker, as well as a receiver, depending on the situation that arises. A lot of … Continue reading

Dragon Wings


OK so this has no positive effect on the aerodynamics of the aeroplane but they look very cool, here’s Bantack’s creation. elisabeth hasselbeck is trying not to get pregnantThank you. Please call me and say I’m in wholesale jerseys china trouble. As an example, we show xx (T) of the L10 MnAl film grown at 200C under various H from 0 to 8T in Fig. 3a,b. The magnetic fields have no measurable effects on the T dependence: xx scales linearly with lnT and T1/2 at Cheap NFL Jerseys TKTT0 and TDTTK (T082.5K, TK23K and TD8.8K), respectively. Slant passing is an extremely difficult play to cover, and at some point one … Continue reading

Foam Rubber Powered Model Aeroplane Holiday Kit


I put together a box of tools & materials to take on holiday to entertain myself and my son building the Fantastic Foam Flyer while the ladies are chilling by the pool this year. The box contains: 4 depron foam sheets 4 3/8 x 1/8 balsa strip 1 ruler 3 scalpels 17 feet of rubber strip 1 bag for lubricating the rubber strip 3 glue sticks Paper clips Cardboard to design templates with (will include) 4 propellers 7 a small pair of pliers I’ll take a glur gun and an electric winder seperately. The slim A4 sized box, it came from Sky Hi Models with a previous purchase. visit website … Continue reading