Where we got the materials & tools from

We are a UK based club (in ancient town of Rye, East Sussex), here are the places we got our materials from (obviously some of these links will be out of date but it’s a good start): Depron Sheets Steve Webb Models – 5 for £14.95 (medium density) Balsa Strip Balsa Cabin  – 1/8″ x 3/8″ x 36″ balsa strips £1.45 ea x 5 pcs Hot Glue Gun Sticks Amazon – TRIXES 50 x Hot Glue Gun Sticks for Hot Melt Gun 11mm x 185mm £7.99 & FREE Delivery Scalpels Amazon – Swann Morton Scalpels sterile No.10 Box of 10 Price:£4.95 (Haven’t bought these yet:) Propellers Sky Hi Products – Black … Continue reading

Hall Flying Shenanigans


We took our Flight Club One gliders to the hall for a play after school today and filmed some of the action.  These gliders are built using Depron foam, 1/8″ x 3/8″ strip balsa, glue gun & Blu Tack. All of the student’s gliders fly well (which is quite amazing in some cases!).  Mr W managed to get his to fly rather trick circles for a guaranteed catch each time but the one that stole the show was Sid’s glider (thrown by Mr W in the video) – well done Sid! Most of the students on the club are in year 7 but we have a couple in year 8 … Continue reading

Flight Club Report For Week 4

Finished model pic 2

This week we made a depron version of the free-flight glider Flight Club One. We used the paper template and with a pen poked holes to show the points of the wing, flaps, fin and tail-plane. Then we joined the holes to give the outline. Then we cut them out. Next we made creases in the wing and flaps. We did this using a ruler to stop the depron from snapping. Then we made the body and wing rib from a balsa strip. We then used a glue gun and stuck the wing rib onto the wing making it bend. Then we added the flaps to the ends of the … Continue reading

Flight Club Report for Week 3

2015-11-26 13.41.01

This week we finished off the free-flight glider Flight Club One. First we glued the wing onto the body/plane. We had to be careful not to put the wing to far to the front or to far to the back.  We finished by adding blue tack on the front point of the plane. This balanced the plane. Then the plane was finished. We had much fun flying our finished fliers in the hall. You had to throw the plane gently and horizontal for the best flight. Now, with all the talk of an endless stream of new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) gadgets as well as an even bigger stream of wannabe Apple … Continue reading

Flight Club Report for Week 2


Today we continued making the free flight glider called Flight Club One. First we glued the tail-plane and the fin onto the end of the balsa strip, making the back of the plane. Then we glued the wing rib onto the wing. The wing rib bends the wing and creates lift. Then we left them to dry. This is where we got to. As of 2014, the cap cheap oakleys includes all streams of revenue. The calculation is based on a complicated formula, which often changes with each collective bargaining agreement between the players and the league. The NRA has also pushed 23 states to pass stand your ground statutes … Continue reading