Flying in the Hall – Much Better! Week 15


After a couple weeks off, Flight Club met today and put Bill & Ronnie’s advice into action. MUCH BETTER FLIGHTS NOW!! Sid’s plane flew 2.5 circuits and most other student’s planes flew better too. I threw one of the gliders in a new fashion, up and to one side which made it fly a lot better too. Very satisfying. Cheers chaps! Studenrs: Merrin, Sid, Evlin, Bantock & Grace. how to contact espn sports writersIt’s no surprise that there was heavy drug use during the Vietnam war. Being in cheap football jerseys the center of a brutal conflict seemingly Replica Oakleys without end while surrounded on all sides by naturally growing … Continue reading

Week 12 – Further Testing in the Hall

finished fuselage with rubber strip attached

Bit of a repair & fly session this week. Bantock, Josh, Evlin, Sid & Merrin joined Mr Kemm & Mr W after school to continue figuring out how to launch & test our aircraft. The main problem at the moment is the planes aren’t going up.  We wonder if it’s a power thing? We might not be winding them enough but blimey these things take a lot of winding! Our American free flight friends have recommended we add washing up liquid to the rubber and balance our props, just have to remember to do this next time. Here’s the video from the hall: One Thousand and One Nights is a frame tale … Continue reading

Flight Club Report For Week 11

finished fuselage with rubber strip attached

From week four we had been flying our planes testing to see in which ways they fly best. This week we started making a rubber powered plane. We started by using templates to cut out the parts.For this we used depron. We made many creases in the wing tips to make it a smoother aerofoil. We then used a balsa strip to make the wing rib and body. We creased  the wing four times and glued it onto the wing rib to form the aerofoil. After we glued on the wing tips, we connected the propeller onto the nose of the fuselage. We cut the rubber strip twice as long … Continue reading