Learning to fly RC – Flight Club students fly the Nano Stik RTF

Nano Stik RC Aeroplane

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Flight Club in Ovacik in Turkey


I took some tools & materials on holiday with me this year. I met this chap called Mehmet (sat on my Luggie Scooter drinking Turkish Tea) who very quickly became my good friend. Building the parts Gluing it together I showed him how to build a Fantastic Foam Flyer and he was hooked! Later I made this plane modelled on a Red Arrow (Hawk) Here we are testing Mehmet’s plane I left the rest of the materials and tools with Mehmet, he sent me this photo of a plane his son made. minnesota uses ipad gambling to help fund new nfl stadiumRather than wishful thinking and saying, want (this or … Continue reading

Mini Fantastic Foam Flyer at Butts Brow, Eastbourne

What a view! 2 Wildthings looking out over Eastbourne from Butts Brow

We went to Eastbourne (Butts Brow SE slope) to fly our slope soarers but sadly the wind had done a runner. No wind. The new Mini FFF would love it! New Mini Fanttastic Foam Flyer What a view! 2 Wildthings looking out over Eastbourne from Butts Brow So Aos fetched it from the dashboard & I put a few hundred winds in and gave it a test flight. It flew straight but down so I gave one side of the tailplane a tweak upwards (this is because of my time flying RC, on reflection I should have twisted one of the wind tips – called washout). On the second go … Continue reading

End of Easter Term Email

calvin-poster (1) (1)

I sent a letter to staff at my school at the end of term: Hi Ground Dwellers, I have news from the sky! Mr W & I have been running a club at lunch & after school on Thursdays for KS3 students, building little model free flight aeroplanes and have now got about 8-10 students coming along regularly and get this – about half of them are girls, yes, girls! Some of you have heard bits and pieces about the club, called Flight Club, (we have rules but no one talks about them) through the grapevine & the school’s Facebook page, I thought I’d give you guys & gals a … Continue reading

Foam Plate Aeroplane Competition Practice


We were joined by a more experienced pilot today! We had a great session in the sports hall this afternoon. Five students came along to test their aeroplanes out before the competition next week for phone plate aeroplanes, a competition run in the US that we are entering. A few rubber strips (me – three of them!) broke while we got used to our new electric winding equipment for our rubber motors but as you can see the flights lasted much longer so it was worth it.  Must order some new rubber strip! Foam Plate Aeroplane Competition Practice Video     During the NFL season, the schedule will show that … Continue reading

The Turning Point


Feel like we made progress this week! The Fantastic Foam Flyer design had not been performing like the internet said it would and although the kids are very happy with their planes I know they’ll be even more thrilled if the planes go up and fly around properly!. I decided it was time to get tough with the plane so I took the tailplane off and glued it back on with a few degrees of up and cut a slice in the rudder and bent it to one side and glued it in position. Testing our free flight planes When testing in the hall at lunch the plane landed on … Continue reading

Flying in the Hall – Much Better! Week 15


After a couple weeks off, Flight Club met today and put Bill & Ronnie’s advice into action. MUCH BETTER FLIGHTS NOW!! Sid’s plane flew 2.5 circuits and most other student’s planes flew better too. I threw one of the gliders in a new fashion, up and to one side which made it fly a lot better too. Very satisfying. Cheers chaps! Studenrs: Merrin, Sid, Evlin, Bantock & Grace. how to contact espn sports writersIt’s no surprise that there was heavy drug use during the Vietnam war. Being in cheap football jerseys the center of a brutal conflict seemingly Replica Oakleys without end while surrounded on all sides by naturally growing … Continue reading

Week 12 – Further Testing in the Hall

finished fuselage with rubber strip attached

Bit of a repair & fly session this week. Bantock, Josh, Evlin, Sid & Merrin joined Mr Kemm & Mr W after school to continue figuring out how to launch & test our aircraft. The main problem at the moment is the planes aren’t going up.  We wonder if it’s a power thing? We might not be winding them enough but blimey these things take a lot of winding! Our American free flight friends have recommended we add washing up liquid to the rubber and balance our props, just have to remember to do this next time. Here’s the video from the hall: One Thousand and One Nights is a frame tale … Continue reading

Hall Flying Shenanigans


We took our Flight Club One gliders to the hall for a play after school today and filmed some of the action.  These gliders are built using Depron foam, 1/8″ x 3/8″ strip balsa, glue gun & Blu Tack. All of the student’s gliders fly well (which is quite amazing in some cases!).  Mr W managed to get his to fly rather trick circles for a guaranteed catch each time but the one that stole the show was Sid’s glider (thrown by Mr W in the video) – well done Sid! Most of the students on the club are in year 7 but we have a couple in year 8 … Continue reading

Flying my FatYak in the Playground

I finally did it! I’ve been meaning to fly at school for years so on the first windless day in weeks I took to the skies. Primary playground to the left of me, building to the right, nursery playground in front & a nippy model to keep under control… I didn’t do anything fancy but did manage to land it safely! Another technology that debuted during the 2012 London Olympics was the Open Water Gate for the swimming marathon. (Aren’t you tired just thinking about it?) Previously, times were just given at the start and stop of the race. But now swimmers wear wrist transponders that respond to cheap nfl jerseys … Continue reading