Abdurrahman’s glider

On the table On the floor Abdurrahman building precisely Videos:   how to build strong bones with stretch bandsPre stimulus and post stimulus images were averaged over 10 frames (100 ms interval) (a2) OCT IOS image in the dark condition. (a3) Corresponding light intensity and IOS distribution curve across the retina. The light intensity curve was obtained by averaging the light intensity of the OCT B scan image laterally. Keenan Allen should have a good season in San Diego and Randall Cobb will get his touches in Green Bay, but neither of them are top tier pass catchers. I am cheap oakleys the oakley sunglasses one person in Indianapolis who … Continue reading

Competition Time

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We spent some time in the sportshall trying to maximise our flight times for entering a Foam Plate Free Flight competition (postal entry) in America this week. Jack & Sid joined me initially, we were experimenting with elevator angles and rubber strip length and were managing flight times of 10-20 seconds (15 seconds was last week’s best time).  Encouraged by these times I fetched some washing up liquid and we tried the ‘lube in a bag’ method (a small amount of washing liquid with the rubber strip in a small bag and roll the rubber strip around inside it for a minute) to lubricate the rubber strip.  We figured it would … Continue reading

Back to school

It’s a new term so we’re starting a new aeroplane.  We’re building a Fantastic Foam Flyer from Bill Kuhl, who also runs clubs teaching people the beauty of flight. Here we are hard at work cutting the foam (depron) parts of the aeroplane cut and sanding the edges for better aerodynamic profiles.  I’d forgotten about the patience of the young – “I’ve finished sir…”, nah have another look – take your time young jedi and a master aircraft builder you will be! (My policy is not to show student’s faces (Yoda too) if I can help it) What you want to do is let it go, so the silk part goes … Continue reading