Competition Time

We spent some time in the sportshall trying to maximise our flight times for entering a Foam Plate Free Flight competition (postal entry) in America this week.

Jack & Sid joined me initially, we were experimenting with elevator angles and rubber strip length and were managing flight times of 10-20 seconds (15 seconds was last week’s best time).  Encouraged by these times I fetched some washing up liquid and we tried the ‘lube in a bag’ method (a small amount of washing liquid with the rubber strip in a small bag and roll the rubber strip around inside it for a minute) to lubricate the rubber strip.  We figured it would reduce uneven tension in the rubber strip during winding, I think that’s what was suggested on the Simple Foam Free Flight Facebook group (amongst an incredible number of useful tips).

We tried ‘stretch winding’ (take the rubber off the back clip and wind using a drill and a hook by gently stretching the elastic) but failed a few times and decided to continue learning how far we could push the rubber strip, we (mostly me actually) broke the strip at 500 winds a few times last week but we pushed on with our lubricated motors and could now do 700 winds.  Now it got interesting with increased flight times of 10-20 seconds with about 25 seconds being our new best times.

I bought 2 bags of rubber strip for the club, 17 feet in each bag. By the end of the morning we’d snapped our way through a whole bag!

Mr W turned up and caught up with the new techniques and soon recorded the longest flight of the day (swine!) with flair as you will see in the video below.  We had a few more flights then it was lunch so we went back to the classroom to meet the rest of the club.

The girls added to our numbers to 7 and we headed back for more flights.  Sadly the camera ran out of space in the morning so I could only manage a few pics in the afternoon.  The photos we our vain attempts at getting Mr W’s plane down from the wire that moves the big backetball back boards up and down.  We tried winding the wire up and down, and threw shoes and things at the plane to knock it down.  It was a funny end to a splendid day.

Build your own

Instructions on how to build one of these are coming soon, in the meantime how about building the glider version?

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