End of Easter Term Email

I sent a letter to staff at my school at the end of term:

Hi Ground Dwellers, I have news from the sky!

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Mr W & I have been running a club at lunch & after school on Thursdays for KS3 students, building little model free flight aeroplanes and have now got about 8-10 students coming along regularly and get this – about half of them are girls, yes, girls!

Some of you have heard bits and pieces about the club, called Flight Club, (we have rules but no one talks about them) through the grapevine & the school’s Facebook page, I thought I’d give you guys & gals a lovely read over the holidays if you want it…

Recently we’ve been invited to write an article for a national model magazine called Aeromodeller (it’s been around since before I started with aeroplanes in the 80’s, not one I read as it was for sensible modellers at the time).  This is actually very cool, they want to know our story and have a few pics etc. so we’ll be FAMOUS!!

We’ve been preparing for entering a competition run in America for longest flight of a foam built rubber powered model aeroplane (should be built from a foam plates but we don’t use them in this country so we’re using foam sheet called Depron).  The idea is we record the times of 5 flights and send the results to the guys in America.  They’ve promised a participant’s certificate to encourage us.  Our students have managed some impressive flight times as you can see in this YouTube video.  Students that flew on Thursday are: Bantock, Sid, Molly, Grace & Evelin, I forgot to bring the flight times home so will send them off when we get back from our half term break.

The guy I buy our special rubber strip from read my review of the day in the sports hall (nonsensical writing, pics and a video) and was very interested in the method of building we were using (using foam instead of traditional wood / card) and has sent the link to the national body for aeromodelling called the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) for consideration – they sell educational kits but they are quite different from our modern methods.

I’ve stayed in touch with the guys from the U.S. (Bill & Ronnie) via a Facebook group called Simple Foam Free Flight Airplane (it’s Aeroplane, not Airplane!) and they have been giving me plenty of advice over the last few months, very helpful and plenty of encouragement.

I have of course made a website for Flight Club…  I put write ups on there most weeks (this used to be done by Jack H), pics & videos, and other info like where we get our supplies from (other UK schools have been in touch looking to follow what we’ve been up to – cool huh?!).  I’ve also set up TwitterInstagram & YouTube pages for the club too, just because I love it.

I think that’s about it, have a splendid week off,


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  1. Chris Ottewell

    A “National model magazine”? I’ll have you know that Aeromodeller is “international” – I was delighted to be able to buy a copy in a newsagents in Cairns Australia last October. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your project, the boys, girls and teachers involved and seeing some pictures. It all sounds brilliant to me.

    Best wishes

    Chris Ottewell (Tail End Charlie)

  2. Jack Highams keeley

    Happy that it’s going well sir. From your old pupil jack.

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