Flight Club One Designing

Tools and the finished glider

Tools and the finished glider

I started on Facebook on 3 groups:

Initially I was looking at the Flite Test website, particularly:

Watching the video I learnt about scoring depron foam, filling the crease with glue gun glue , wiping off the excess, and bending the crease shut.  This proved useful later on.

I posted on Model Flying and a bunch of splendid fellows recommended all sorts of things, then Bill Kuhl from Ideas Insprire / Simple Foam Free Flight Airplane suggested I go back to my roots, I thought about it and then I did.

I had a look at his Fantastic Foam Flyer and thought that looked like a good one, particularly as he said it could be made from polystyrene plates.  I went for depron in the end but I like his way of thinking

I found the PDF of his plan and took a screenshot of it and put it into 2D Design

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