Flight Club Report For Week 4

This week we made a depron version of the free-flight glider Flight Club One. We used the paper template and with a pen poked holes to show the points of the wing, flaps, fin and tail-plane. Then we joined the holes to give the outline. Then we cut them out. Next we made creases in the wing and flaps. We did this using a ruler to stop the depron from snapping. Then we made the body and wing rib from a balsa strip. We then used a glue gun and stuck the wing rib onto the wing making it bend. Then we added the flaps to the ends of the wing this was much harder than we thought. After this we glued the tail plane and fin onto the back of the plane. Then we glued the wing onto the body. Finally we added blue tack on the front to balance the plane. These gliders flew very well. This was a amazing experience.

Finished model pic 1

Finished model pic 1


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