Flight Club Report for Week 3

This week we finished off the free-flight glider Flight Club One. First we glued the wing onto the body/plane. We had to be careful not to put the wing to far to the front or to far to the back.  We finished by adding blue tack on the front point of the plane. This balanced the plane. Then the plane was finished. We had much fun flying our finished fliers in the hall. You had to throw the plane gently and horizontal for the best flight.2015-11-26 13.41.012015-11-26 13.23.42

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  1. Great start on your aerospace adventure. I hope you will post more of your work online. Feel free to email me with any question you may have and I will try to help. Before retiring I owned a aerospace machine shop. Now I am the “Youth and Education Coordinator” at “Victor Valley Radio Control Flyers”.

    I hope you will all participate in our foam plate rubber powered postal contest run during the whole month of May 2016.

  2. Like Ronnie I am really impressed what you are doing and will try to answer any questions you might have.

    Bill Kuhl

  3. Here is the link to our “Foam Plate Plane Postal Contest”.
    I hope some from your class will participate all score cards may be sent in a single envelope for your convenience.


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