Hall Flying Shenanigans

We took our Flight Club One gliders to the hall for a play after school today and filmed some of the action.  These gliders are built using Depron foam, 1/8″ x 3/8″ strip balsa, glue gun & Blu Tack.

All of the student’s gliders fly well (which is quite amazing in some cases!).  Mr W managed to get his to fly rather trick circles for a guaranteed catch each time but the one that stole the show was Sid’s glider (thrown by Mr W in the video) – well done Sid!

Most of the students on the club are in year 7 but we have a couple in year 8 & 9 too.  They all seem to love it, I bite my tongue so much wanting to spoil their fun with theory – am sneaking it in on the odd occassion though.

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  1. That is great I was amazed at how long and slow the glides were. Good job!

    Bill Kuhl

  2. where can I get a supply of depron sheet/ Wha thicknesses are usfull? price?

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