Mini Fantastic Foam Flyer at Butts Brow, Eastbourne

We went to Eastbourne (Butts Brow SE slope) to fly our slope soarers but sadly the wind had done a runner. No wind. The new Mini FFF would love it!

So Aos fetched it from the dashboard & I put a few hundred winds in and gave it a test flight.

It flew straight but down so I gave one side of the tailplane a tweak upwards (this is because of my time flying RC, on reflection I should have twisted one of the wind tips – called washout).

On the second go with a few more winds it flew, floating through the air off towards to bushes by the carpark!

One more, no more.. I put plenty of extra winds in and gave it a last go, as you can see it flew brilliantly!

I think it could do with a bit more up elevator to gain more height but think it’s rather splendid. It flew to the left, usually they fly in circles to the right but I think it was weather-vaining into the wind coming from behind & from the left.

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  1. Martin Geldart

    Awesome! I never thought watching a free-flight aeroplane flying would be so enjoyable. Think I prefer watching them outdoors 🙂

  2. Left firm is not all that bad really.
    Problems of left turn are, if you circle to tight the plane will tend to torque roll in to the ground. But it is the natural pull and you wil have less drag than fighting to the right.

    The probable cause of your left pull is the shorter fuselage not having the needed leverage.

    You may also increase right thrust and right rudder then worry about washout which is used more to maintain a less banked turn.

    It is such a balancing act.
    Remember left is not a terrible thing.

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