Foam Rubber Powered Model Aeroplane Holiday Kit


I put together a box of tools & materials to take on holiday to entertain myself and my son building the Fantastic Foam Flyer while the ladies are chilling by the pool this year. The box contains: 4 depron foam sheets 4 3/8 x 1/8 balsa strip 1 ruler 3 scalpels 17 feet of rubber strip 1 bag for lubricating the rubber strip 3 glue sticks Paper clips Cardboard to design templates with (will include) 4 propellers 7 a small pair of pliers I’ll take a glur gun and an electric winder seperately. The slim A4 sized box, it came from Sky Hi Models with a previous purchase. visit website … Continue reading

The Fantastic Foam Flyer Takes Shape


We wet at lunch & after school again today and continued building our Fantastic Foam Flyers . There were 3 lads today, 2 of which returned after a period of absence. Everyone got about as far as the photo above, next week we’re going to have to look at using less glue gun glue, it is amazing how much ended up on the aeroplanes!!! Next week we’ll finish them off & take them for a spin, looking forward to it!! Students present: Bantock, Sid & Merrin eight storylines to watch in the nfl seasonHe’s finishing up his senior year of studies. He’s with us by phone. Fake ray bans Thank you … Continue reading

Flight Club Report For Week 4

Finished model pic 2

This week we made a depron version of the free-flight glider Flight Club One. We used the paper template and with a pen poked holes to show the points of the wing, flaps, fin and tail-plane. Then we joined the holes to give the outline. Then we cut them out. Next we made creases in the wing and flaps. We did this using a ruler to stop the depron from snapping. Then we made the body and wing rib from a balsa strip. We then used a glue gun and stuck the wing rib onto the wing making it bend. Then we added the flaps to the ends of the … Continue reading