Build your own balsa & foam plate glider


Build your own foam & balsa chuck glider by following our build video, using out printable instructions & templates (Kemmplates). These foam gliders have been regularly built with primary as well as secondary school students Repairing the materials Per glider: Cut 4 x 100mm square foam tiles (we use 3mm think foam but it doesn’t matter if you use thicker sheet) Cut 1 x 300mm length 1/8 x 3/8 (or similar) of balsa strip Printable instructions Side 1 Side 2 Templates Mr Kemm’s Wing Kemmplates Fuselage Kemmplates Build video Where we got our materials from: Links to websites in the UK Continue reading

Foam Plate Aeroplane Competition Practice


We were joined by a more experienced pilot today! We had a great session in the sports hall this afternoon. Five students came along to test their aeroplanes out before the competition next week for phone plate aeroplanes, a competition run in the US that we are entering. A few rubber strips (me – three of them!) broke while we got used to our new electric winding equipment for our rubber motors but as you can see the flights lasted much longer so it was worth it.  Must order some new rubber strip! Foam Plate Aeroplane Competition Practice Video     During the NFL season, the schedule will show that … Continue reading