The Turning Point


Feel like we made progress this week! The Fantastic Foam Flyer design had not been performing like the internet said it would and although the kids are very happy with their planes I know they’ll be even more thrilled if the planes go up and fly around properly!. I decided it was time to get tough with the plane so I took the tailplane off and glued it back on with a few degrees of up and cut a slice in the rudder and bent it to one side and glued it in position. Testing our free flight planes When testing in the hall at lunch the plane landed on … Continue reading

Flight Club Report for Week 3

2015-11-26 13.41.01

This week we finished off the free-flight glider Flight Club One. First we glued the wing onto the body/plane. We had to be careful not to put the wing to far to the front or to far to the back.  We finished by adding blue tack on the front point of the plane. This balanced the plane. Then the plane was finished. We had much fun flying our finished fliers in the hall. You had to throw the plane gently and horizontal for the best flight. Now, with all the talk of an endless stream of new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) gadgets as well as an even bigger stream of wannabe Apple … Continue reading