The Fantastic Foam Flyer Takes Shape


We wet at lunch & after school again today and continued building our Fantastic Foam Flyers .

There were 3 lads today, 2 of which returned after a period of absence. Everyone got about as far as the photo above, next week we’re going to have to look at using less glue gun glue, it is amazing how much ended up on the aeroplanes!!!

Next week we’ll finish them off & take them for a spin, looking forward to it!!

Students present: Bantock, Sid & Merrin

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  1. Coming along, top notch!
    This is actually the first project I have used a hot glue gun on.
    It has been a little learning curve with a few burns along the way.

    Two suggestion.

    Your fit at dihedral joints look good, so apply glue to one edge of the joint then bring halves together. My students were trying to bring the sides together then use glue gun like a welding rod. That idea got very heavy with glue.

    Second thing, the fold in the wing looks like it is middle of the chord. This may work fine but may be happier at about 1/3 back from leading edge. If you do this using Bills wing pylon, set the trailing at the motor stick. This will put fold on crest of wing pylon. This then creates wing incidents.

    Hope this did not make you confused.
    Would be great to see videos of outdoor flights.
    Ronnie Espolt

    • Indoor vids next, you can give us feedback and help us trim our models from across the pond! Will ty your suggestions with my lot, I wonder if it’s ‘fine motor skills’ that’s the problem. Glue guns are hard when you think about it!!

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